University of Applied Labour Studies (HdBA) (Hochschule der Bundesagentur für Arbeit)

Seckenheimer Landstrasse 16
Mannheim 68163

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The University of Applied Labour Studies of the Federal Employment Agency (HdBA) is an important provider of study programs and training for students and practitioners in the field of vocational orientation and counselling. The HdBA regularly participates in projects that focus on young people with special social and health problems, such as programs for vocational training (BEB, Programme für die Berufsausbildung), assisted vocational training (AsA, Assistierte Ausbildung), Advice as innovative prevention of training dropouts (PraeLab, Beratung als innovative Prävention von Ausbildungsabbrüchen), etc.



PanHellenic Association for the Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Work Integration (PEPSAEE) (Πανελλαδική Ένωση για την Ψυχοκοινωνική Αποκατάσταση και την Επαγγελματική Επανένταξη)

Alkamenous st. 8
Athens 10439

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The Pan-Hellenic Association for the Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Work Re-integration (PEPSAEE) has a broad expertise in the field of mental health and especially in the field of career counselling/ work integration of people with mental illness, as it maintains the only Supported Employment Office for people with mental health problems in Greece. The past year more than 150 mental health patients received services from specialized career counsellors and more than 40% of them are now in employment/ traineeship. PEPSAEE has, also, implemented innovative projects concerning this issue, such as “Bridges for Employment”, a multilevel project, aiming at work integration of mental health patients.

The Association of Young People With Mental Problems, Their Families and Friends POMOST (Stowarzyszenie Młodzieży i Osób z Problemami Psychicznymi ich Rodzin i Przyjaciół POMOST)

Prochnika 7 st.
Lodz 90-408

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POMOST is strongly active in the field of rehabilitation of young people with mental health illness from the Lodzkie region in Poland.  POMOST’s Day Care Centre hosts 26 people. The target of vocational rehabilitation of MH NEETs is also achieved through innovative projects such as “Focus on Job”aiming to build a model of cooperation between people with MH illnesses, job coaches and employers. POMOST is part of an initiative/coalition of non-profit organisations, companies and institutions. The initiative pursues incorporating supported employment as a standard part of rehabilitation in polish social politics towards people with mental health (and other) disabilities.


Via Roma 94
Palermo 90133

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CESIE is a European Centre for Studies and Initiatives, which focuses on the research of social needs and challenges and the use of innovative learning approaches. In this way, CESIE actively connects research with action through the use of formal and non-formal learning methodologies and has participated in a number of projects relevant to (a) the development of innovative approaches and tools to promote the inclusion of people with both mental and physical disabilities (Projects: MENS; ALdia; CREATE; EQUIL), (b) the  development and implementation of training activities to promote employability (Projects: STARTUP; SUCCESS; SCIENT; ARISE; SERCO) and (c) the development of VET programmes (Projects: VIRTUS; CAPE; CREATE; Journeys; ArtS).

Public Institution “eMundus” (VšĮ “eMundus”)

Saulės st. 22-17
Kaunas 51364

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Public Institution “eMundus” has a broad expertise in the development of various ICT applications. The mission of eMundus is to actively promote the development of the knowledge society by developing and developing services related to educational activities, information technology, innovation and practical applications in education and social activities, ecology, healthy lifestyles and harmonious education in order to ensure quality cooperation and unity between different generations and different groups in society.

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